His and her in french (possessive pronouns)

I have a question. If you look at this sentence:

Anna gives her friend a gift

And you want to translate it into french. Would you have to know if "her" is Anna or "her" is another female person? In my native language we use a different word if "her" is Anna or "her" is someone else with a friend. This could probably be asked more grammatically but I want to know what french is doing on this one. :-)

January 6, 2018


In French, possessive adjectives (possessive pronouns are different) match the object in gender and number.


J'ai ton chapeau → "I have your hat"
J'ai ses chats → "I have her cats"
Tu as ma robe → "You have my dress"

However "her friend" will always use the possessive "son" because both "ami" (masc) and "amie" (fem) begin with a vowel.

So, "Anna gives her friend a gift" → Anna donne un cadeau à son ami / amie

If Anna's friend was already identified in a previous sentence such as:

Anna aime bien son amie, Marie. → "Anna likes her friend Marie",

you could follow this with a sentence using an indirect object pronoun:

Elle lui donne un cadeau → "She gives her a gift"

Read these: ; and

January 6, 2018

There is no possessive reflexive pronouns in French as in English so you can't know if there is no context

January 6, 2018
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