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  5. "Somebody's watching me."

"Somebody's watching me."

Translation:Někdo mě pozoruje.

January 6, 2018



What's the difference between pozorujít and pozorovat? i was guessing perfective vs. imperfective, but then why isn't it pozorovat (imperfective) here since the watching is still going on?


The verb pozorujít doesn't exist: pozoruje is a form of pozorovat. Verbs that end in -ovat form the present tense with the stem -uj: -uji,-uješ, uje... but not the past tense ('he watched' is 'pozoroval')


Maybe you saw the word "pozorujíc", which is feminine and neuter transgressive (singular, present) of the verb "pozorovat"? It's nowadays used very rarely and exclusively in written language. Due to it being old-fashioned, many Czechs don't know how to use it correctly anyway.


Spoken Czech of common people lost transgressives already by the beginning of the 19th century (probably it happened earlier). But you can still see that many people try to use them in written text. They are handy sometimes, especially when translating some foreign languages. Often they do not use it exactly as codified. Is that wrong? Depends how much prescriptivist or descriptivist you are.

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