"Mie mi-a plăcut ce am văzut."

Translation:I liked what I saw.

January 6, 2018

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i am trying to see similarities with other romance languages, especially french and spanish and i am wondering whether this sentence would compare, grammatically speaking to spanish A MI ME GUSTO LO QUE VI ( which is good spanish) or to french A MOI M'A PLU CE QUE J'AI VU ( which is bad french)) or english TO ME PLEASED ME WHAT I SAW.. and this brings me to my other question : could we just say MI-A PLACUT CE AM VAZUT , like in spanish ME GUSTO LO QUE VI. many thanks


Mie is implied. You could just say Mi-a plăcut ce am văzut.

However, we still sometimes choose to say so.

For example, if you tell me you didn't like something, and I'd tell you that I did, I would say Mie mi-a plăcut instead of Mi-a plăcut.

But if you would only ask me if I liked it, I would say Mi-a plăcut instead of Mie mi-a plăcut.


To bring this to present tense, would it simply be "mi plăcut ce am văzut" or is it more complicated than that?


Present tense is "îmi place ce văd"

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