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  5. "Tvoje dcera roste pomalu."

"Tvoje dcera roste pomalu."

Translation:Your daughter is growing up slowly.

January 6, 2018



I see that both “growing slowly” and “growing up slowly” are accepted. In English, these have different connotations: “grow” = physical development, “grow up” = behavioural/mental/emotional development. Does the Czech expression cover both of those?


It does. Although there csn be some subtleties and another verbs "vyrůstat" and "dospívat" involved.


Tak nevim, děti rostou pomalu mi uznalo Children grow slowly, ale your daughter grows slowly už mi to neuznalo. Je tu nějaký rozdíl v gramatice, který mi uniká? Díky :-)

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Taky jsem nad tím přemýšlel. Jestli to není tím že "děti rostou pomalu" - můžeme považovat za obecnou pravdu (země se točí, pivo se pije, děti rostou) = present simple. Zatímco "tvoje dcera" - je jedna originální, není to obecná pravda a dělá to zrovna teď - tudíž musí být průběh = present continuous.

Snad to potvrdí, někdo kdo anglicky umí. :-)


Doufám, že to tak striktně není. Ale snad ještě někdo provede review a případně mé změny opraví.


I wasn't allowed "Your daughter is slowly growing up" -- shouldn't that be a correct translation too, or am I missing something?


No, that is not correct.

"Your daughter is slowly growing up" means that your daughter is slowly becoming a woman. I would translate that as "Tvoje dcera pomalu dospívá."


Why not simple tense here in english? Should "your daughter grows slowly" be a correct translation?


I think it should be accepted. In English, the present continuous tense is mainly used for deliberate actions. Growth (meaning the physical process of getting taller) is nothing that is done intentionally. In my opinion, simple present sounds more natural than the present continuous in this case. But I am not an English native speaker, so I might be wrong.


There should be infinitives given in the hints when hovering over the new verbs.

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