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"I am tired of looking at the clock."

Translation:Estoy cansada de mirar el reloj.

March 17, 2013



If mirar means "to look at" then why is there the "a"?


I believe "mirar al reloj" is incorrect. It should be "mirar el reloj."

If you look at a person, you use "a." If you look at an object, you don't use "a." For example "miro a Juan." (I look at Juan.) Miro el perro. (I look at the dog.)

Anyone else?


correct - mirar means " look AT" so don't need an "a" unless the "personal a" is required ( for people, pets, etc.). So this example should be just "...el reloj" ( but who knows, maybe "... mirar al...." is accepted everywhere just because...).


"EL reloj" accepted May 18.


Yes. You are saying you're looking at something however, you must state what exactly you're looking at with "al".


What is wrong with "mirando"?


Gerunds (-ing) are different between Spanish and English... in English, you would use "ing" here, but in Spanish you it's unnatural to put two gerunds side-by-side.


But here there aren't two gerunds side by side? I am tired of looking?


I don't know why I said that!! It's actually because "de" is a preposition. If you have a verb after a preposition in Spanish, it's always in the infinitive form. Sorry for the bad advice...


Why can't I use "estoy harto de"


I was thinking the exact same thing.. Is it not common to use this phrase in South America?


See my comment on your previous question. ;)


Why not "Me cansé de mirar el reloj"? It's even more common in spanish


That's what I put, except as Me canso, which is how my roommate from Spain would say it. I'm reporting that it should be accepted.


Would "tengo sueño" work here? I learned that one (as well as cansado) from a Spanish class.


I tried it and it got rejected. The reason might be this: "Tengo sueño" does indeed mean "i am tired" but with "tired" being more on the lines of "sleepy" (el sueño = the dream) whereas "cansado" is closer to "exhausted".


What's wrong with "Yo estoy cansado de mirar al reloj"?


Why cansada? Nothing seems to point fem


Ive noticed that most questions are feminine based (but always allow masculine answers) in situations like these. The author is probably a girl, thats all.

[deactivated user]

    What about "ojar al reloj"? Dúo say wrong, but I think it is one good translation. It stress that the eye is continuously falling to the clock.

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