"They would be able to tell us the truth."

Translation:Ils pourraient nous dire la vérité.

January 6, 2018

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Why can't the sentence be...Ils nous pourraient dire la vérité


The object pronoun is placed before the verb it depends on.


"tell us" (not "would be able us") therefore "nous" precedes "dire".


Is "Ils seraient en mesure de nous dire la vérité" correct? It was shown to be wrong.


Probably because pouvoir as a noun means "power, ability, capacity" and, as a verb, means "be able to, can".

Therefore the conditional form of pouvoir (in this case "pourraient") translates to both "would be able to" and "could".


Any reason why "Elles pourraient nous raconter la vérité" is not accepted? My guess is that "dire la vérité" a fixed expression and that "raconter la vérité" would sound to a native French speaker something like "say the truth" would to an English speaker. I would appreciate if someone more knowledgable could confirm

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