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Note to Duolingo: In English we "make" decisions, not "take" decisions.

January 6, 2018



When you come across this again, please use the "report a problem" button.

The course creators do not see every discussion in the forums, so this post is likely to be lost and never noticed :(

They do, however, get the error reports :)


I take note :-)..... ?..... I make note ?.. :-(


That's a different situation. Both are correct, but it's a phrase. And it should be "I take/make note of/to..." etc.


Not so sure about this. In British English we use both "make" and "take" decisions but the words have slightly different meanings. To make a decision describes the process of deliberation over time while the final outcome is expressed as taking a decision. Perhaps this usage is different elsewhere.


It's very interesting... We usually say - "to take decisions" in portuguese and I see a lot of brazilians who are learning english just bring this way of using it as a loan word to portuguese... Then I see beginners say things like "I make decisions" in portuguese but actually that makes no sense and sounds kinda funny!


I did report the problem.


There are a lot of error reports, some correct and some not correct and not a lot of people going through them. So, it takes a while for them to get to it. It takes a while, but they'll get to it.

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