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FEATURE REQUEST: Grammar overview


I just recently started using Duolingo again, and what bothers me is that there isn't a simple way of seeing grammar rules for the words we've learned. E.g. clicking on a word and seeing it's grammar listing.

Let's say I want to learn all cases of the word 'Dorf' in German. Why wait until the lesson if the word was already introduced in a skill way before certain case skills. What I mean by this is when I click this word in the 'Words' list I would like to see how the noun changes through different cases, see the word together with it's both defined and undefined article, and one or two examples of the word being used, with those articles, and also in a plural form. The word list we have now is kinda hard to navigate, not from a computer user side, but from a language learner side.

I hope you got what I mean by all this, if not, I'm willing to elaborate this further.

-Thanks in forward

January 6, 2018



I'm kinda split on this. Yes, I'd love to see more features that help users connect the dots between the separate words they have encountered, but at the same time, I'm wondering whether this DuoLingo should be the platform for such grammatical elaborations. With a quick search, one can find many different sites that show the declination of das Dorf; Wiktionary is surprisingly good at this. The same holds true for verb paradigms in the Romance languages. So it boils down to a question of developing time; should DuoLingo put time and resources in this feature, which doesn't really add anything new?


I would say no to your final question. Duolingo is already loaded with tons of bugs that have not gone addressed whatsoever.


When you click the word in the Words list, you should see a box in the upper right of your screen with more info about the word. To see even more information, hit the "More details" button at the bottom of that box.

Since I'm not taking German, I can't tell you exactly what additional details you will see. I doubt the new information will be quite as complete as you would like, but it would probably still be more detailed that the info you seem to be accessing currently.


I agree with you. I would like to see/reference complete conjugation/declension tables for all the verbs and nouns. There are other verb conjuagators and dictionaries resources availible, where you can type in a word and see all it’s conjugations but it would be very convenient if it were easily accesible during a lesson or on the words list. I don’t know anything about programming though, so maybe it is just not possible, as there seem to be websites devoted just to noun conjugations. Many only dictionaries will provide a table with all the conjugations and declentions. Some of the words do seem to provide more forms when I click on them on words lists, but it seems pretty random (even for the language, not comparing the word lists of different languages)

[deactivated user]

    While it would be nice to have a more detailed grammar section here in Duolingo, I suggest you use other resources for that kind of in-depth material. A quick Google search will return you lots of good results.

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