As I use more than one computer for this, I want to get to Tinycards on both, but when I googled it and found it I couldn't turn off typing my answers. I can on Tinycards on the other computer, don't know why it's different. Advice?

January 6, 2018


Just use Anki, it is unfathomably better than TinyCards and it's free on Android and PC. Unless you use iOS, then for some reason you have to pay $25.

The TinyCards website is loaded with bugs, just like Duolingo itself. I've tried developing with it but it's unusable. Take a look at the brokenness of the site:

(opened drawing option)

(scrolled down and tried drawing, then scrolled back up)

By the way, it doesn't matter if your deck allows typing or not. Whenever I review any of my decks (which all have typing disabled via mobile app), I'm immediately prompted to a typing question.

We'll just have to wait and see if it gets fixed then. Cheers!

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