Words Tab

For some languages I have the Words Tab already. For Turkish, which I am currently learning, I don't have the Words Tab. I would like to have it so I can study individual words on it. Can anybody explain it to me? Do I have to unlock for each language by leveling up? Is it just not available for certain languages? I am confused.

January 6, 2018


It's not available for all trees.

This should only come up for some trees:

I think the words tab is only made available for the original 5 languages i.e. Spanish, Portughese, French, Italian and German.

Do you know if any trees from base languages other than English have it?

Yes, they do. At least, I can only testify for my French- and German-from-Italian, which both have the words tab. I suppose all the language courses psionpete mentioned have this tab, regardless of base language.

I know about that problem. They don't have it for Dutch either

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