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How many words have you learned?

Hi Everyone!!

How many words have you learned in your tree so far? I've learned a few hundred because I haven't finished French yet!!

January 6, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Upon completing the German tree the list marks 2758 words... but there are words missing there so I estimate perhaps around 3000.


    Congrats :) Have a few lingots :)

    [deactivated user]

      Why, thank you.


      I've learned 1493 in the German course, 751 words in the French course, 604 words in the Italian course, 398 words in the Portuguese course, and 588 words in the English from German course.


      That's super impressive!!! Well done :D


      I've learned 1972 so far in German. I didn't finish the tree yet, but there are only 6 lessons left, so I think it won't be more 2100. For me it's a great achievement!


      I've learned 2403 words in French. Learning since 2017-07-26.


      That's amazing! Have a lingot


      I don't know how to know the number of words I've learnt so far. I'm learning Russian currently. Can anyone help me with this?


      720 but I struggle to recall them although I can read most of the 720



      Italian-from-English: 3095

      French-from-Italian: 2694

      German-from-Italian: 589

      I've only recently started German and am rushing through the tree with test-outs, which obviously doesn't result in as many words as doing all lessons one by one. Hopefully this will increase when I get to reviewing.


      53 words in Dutch, but that's the only language I bothered counting.


      According to my Memrise totals, 752 for Polish and 3,094 for Welsh - although the Welsh number includes some sources other than just the course here, maybe 2,000-2,500 are from the Duo tree?? Just a guess, though.

      However, all of those numbers include phrases and some grammatical things (such as irregular verb conjugations). I'd say that my 'pure' vocabulary count is probably at around 600 words in Polish and 2,700 in Welsh.

      (I haven't officially 'learned' any words from my other courses, as I'm only really 'browsing' them, lol.)


      My words tab is gone so IDK. :(


      This is a bit strange. On my French tree the word count is 2753, on my German tree it's only 2596. I've spent far more time practicing German, just because I find it more interesting, I'm 6 levels ahead in German compared to French and yet I've learned fewer words. Go figure.

      [deactivated user]

        There is no absolute correlation between levels and words learned. You level up by gaining xp points, not by learning new words. How advanced you are in the tree and thus how many lessons you have completed will determine how many words you have learned.

        And of course, you can throw the fact that probably the number of word won't be the same for both courses in the mix.

        [deactivated user]

          Ok, so I've receive a notification with your reply but I'm not seeing it on the tree... is that one of Duo's famous bugs? I wanted to reply so here goes...

          Ok, maybe I should have worded it differently. I assumed that since the German tree is larger and there are more lessons, that I would have a higher word count in German than in French.

          Have you finished both trees? Well in that case it could be that not all words are listed on the German words list and you have actually learned more. For instance mine is missing, Zwiebel, Hals and Landwirtschaft just to name three of them. On the contrary maybe the French tree has them all. A bigger tree should mean more words learned assuming the number of new words on each lesson is more or less the same.


          Is it possible to see all possible words of a particular course somewhere, without having them encountered one time yourself?

          [deactivated user]

            I remember seeing user generated words/skills lists here on the forums... so if you do some searches you might find something along those lines.


            3243 in Italian. But really, it’s bogus as it counts every possible conjugation of a single verb, and each variation of the same adjective as a “new word”


            ... still learning! On the Duo "Words" tab it says I'm currently at 2051. It's when I try to use the words and syntax that I have learned by reading news in German (e.g. dw.com, der Spiegel) or listening to German radio (ndr.de) or watching German television (ard.de), that I can truly say I DON'T KNOW ENOUGH! It's like I'm on the verge of being able to pick it up, but most of the time, it still evades me. (Sigh.) Ah well, it will come with time and practice!


            My number of words that I have leaned is wrong, when I go through the list I can see there are a lot of words missing in there, any tech issues?

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