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Profile issue

My Duolingo app has asked me to create a profile in order to save my progress. However, I already created a profile. It does not offer the option of logging in and seems to assume I do not yet have a profile. When I, therefore, attempt to create a profile, I am informed that my email is already taken. Of course, it is, since I already have a profile. How can I progress past this barrier?

January 6, 2018



You can just login in, I and many millions have logged in on more than one device. Unfortunately Duo programmers have made it more difficult than it needs to be.

On the Android app when it says “lets get started” select the line below which says “I already have an account” and that will take you to the login page.

On the iOS app, it is even more obscure. Select the Clubs tab and then top left of screen select Profile. On the next page top right select Settings and on the next page you can login.


Maybe check your email in-box. I can't remember haw it was, but mostly is required to confirm your account via e-mail confirmation. Try, please.


this barrier

It's actually meant to be the opposite. Many people leave when they're prompted to create an account first, while allowing them to first "try" without creating an account yields a higher number of people who ultimately sign up.

You simply need to log in on whatever device you're having the issue, but you'll likely have to restart whatever language you were trying.


Your profile issue was resolved?

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