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How to preview lessons?

Hi everyone. If a lesson is far enough down a language's tree that it is grey, I am not able to click on it to view the lessons, notes, and lists of vocabulary words used. I am able to do that for current lessons (not grey). Is there any way to be able to see vocabulary words in future lessons?

I am fine if the lessons are locked to me. However, sometimes there are English words I want to know for my new language but I have no idea if they will be covered in a future lesson. For example, if I want to know the word for dog for a grey lesson on Animals, how do I know that word will actually be there or not? That would help me decide if it is worth it to create a new flash card in TinyCards for that word or if I can wait a few days for that word to be available to me in the future lessons after I finish the earlier lessons.

January 6, 2018



I don’t think you can really preview a lesson until you do everything behind it. I’ve found that clicking on the grey lessons only tell you to do everything before it.


Reviewing the Tiny Cards equivalent deck is the only way I can think of. No way to do it within DL.


Thank you both. I found an older post that suggested creating my own private Duolingo classroom (and myself as a student for that class). Now I am able to preview the words for all standard Duolingo lessons - both the notes and vocabulary words. By assigning a Duolingo lesson, I am able to preview how the lessons are broken down in parts as well. That is better than nothing but I hope in the future lessons can be previewed without the need for classrooms.

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