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What is The Best Browser For Duolingo?

January 6, 2018



Duolingo officially only supports Google Chrome, but I prefer Firefox.


I’ve tried Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, and my favorite one is chrome and it works best.


I tried IE, just to see how it looks there ;) It was very buggy, at least for me.

I don't really use Opera or Safari much, so I don't have a confident opinion about them...

Firefox - at first it looked okay, but after some time it started to look kind of outdated, also it crashes a lot because I usually keep many tabs (30 and up, sometimes even into the 100s) open. Firefox can't deal with that.

The best one I used so far is Chrome: it handles multiple tabs pretty well, has many extensions which are immensely useful when it comes to my style of using the net. And it doesn't require Flash, which is a big plus since it can cause crashing when overused. My vote would go for Chrome ^^


I have only tried it on Safari and Chrome, but I like chrome more.


I think Chrome works better than other browsers but I use Chrome for nearly everything.


Chrome is pretty good, but actually if you've ever heard of Microsoft Edge that's good too.


Firefox used to give me problems with using Duolingo, so I switched to using Google Chrome.


Chrome. Even though I normally use other browsers, Chrome is the only one that speaking exercises work in for me, so I always switch to it when I'm going to use Duolingo.


I use Chrome on Windows. As far as I can tell, Chrome is the only browser that supports the microphone capability.

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