Duolingo bugs list

Have your ever reported a bug only to find that there's no feedback or progress and that bugs never seem to get fixed? This community page is to list the bugs that have been reported to the development team, and any feedback available.

When adding a bug to this list, you must mention when you reported it to the Duolingo development team (check your emails), including the month (as a word) and the year.

One bug per comment, otherwise it's too hard to track which bugs have progressed. I don't expect the developers to read this discussion, so don't report bugs that you haven't first submitted through Duolingo's bug reporting page here:

The first line of a bug report should be ## {Brief description of the bug}, reported {Month} {Year}, then a blank line before the next paragraph. This will display like so:

{Brief description of the bug}, reported {Month} {Year}

Don't add duplicate bugs! Don't write "Me too!" or "That's so annoying!" or anything similar. If you have experienced the same bug, just upvote it. Don't downvote a bug if you haven't experienced it, because a bug mightn't affect everyone the same way.

Only reply to a comment to:

  • ask for clarification/more detail
  • report additional missing information about the bug
  • provide feedback/updates (i.e. progress has been made on the bug)

Be precise! Explain exactly how to trigger the bug for someone who has never seen it.


  • Current features that don't work as expected
  • Important features that have been removed or disabled without being replaced
  • Differences between the web version and the apps (i.e. Android and iPhone/iPad)


  • New features
  • "My answer should have been accepted" (an individual course issue, not a Duolingo issue)
  • Any issue with an individual sentence; issues must be system-wide
  • Any issue with course content
  • Keyboard support for different writing systems (this is device dependent, not a Duolingo issue)
  • Any issue with speech since Duolingo uses third-party libraries and operating system features, so they can't fix bugs in them, including:
  • Text-to-speech (TTS)
  • Speech recognition
  • Poor pronunciation in audio
  • No slow audio in some courses (human recordings, not robot voices)
  • Missing audio in some courses (human recordings, not robot voices)

If you have discovered a security related bug (e.g. accessing someone else's account, etc.) DO NOT report it here, as this is a publicly available page. These issues must ONLY be reported to the Duolingo development team.

January 6, 2018


ok another one I just remembered: in the discussions not all comments are shown for some reason and then when you post a reply a "hidden" comment suddenly pops up (and it's not downvoted or anything, just not shown)

January 7, 2018

Web 'crowns structure' not awarding Lingots when leveling up, reported 03 2018

~48 hours ago, I upgraded to the new 'crown tree'. (I'm agnostic re: the structure change, I see the potential upside. I'm a recovering software-type. It's a big roll-out. I have empathy for the DL team.)

I use the website on my Mac laptop, Chrome as the browser. I type my responses (don't use the word bank), They have my software version #s.

My understanding is that there should be a Lingot award for "leveling up" within a skill.

I've leveled up in several skills (some all the way to to five), and haven't been getting Lingots. I'll live, but it means there's a bug somewhere. It seems odd that this wasn't caught in the test suites.

I realize in the greater scheme of things, they might have bigger fish to fry.

March 22, 2018

crowns level five all golden 567 and I am not been allocated xps for a number of lessons that I do even those with all answers correct and so I struggle to make my daily target I often have to do that on duolingo web as opposed to my android app and then I just practice on my device without being allocated Xps or they are allocated allocated on my individual languages and before my eyes on checking my profile I literally see them disappear and nothing I can do about it but start again to maintain my streak of 493 days and I have sent hundreds of descriptions and screen shots edited my initial rate app from 5 stars to 2 with no response

My xps get allocated and taken away all the time by the time I have completed my next lesson they get cancelled out back and forth. The lessons are free I know and loved working on duolingo but it is no longer any fun any more and really want to throw in my towel but I also want to learn the languages I chose so I perserve and I definitely do not have victim mentality but im begining to feel like a victim on duolingo.

September 24, 2018

Different comments on the website and the app, reported January 2016

On Android, almost every comment section reports more comments than can be viewed. After you have answered a question, press the "speech bubble" icon, taking note of the number inside it. When you are taken to the discussion page, the number of comments is usually less (although sometimes more).

Some comments only get displayed on the website, some only on the app, e.g. (Het antwoord is altijd tweeënveertig.) shows my reply to someone else's comment only on the website, and shows my brand new comment only on the app.

January 6, 2018

Can't reply to comments with Android app, reported June 2016

When you try to reply to a comment, the previous comment has a long number instead of the comment text. You can't successfully reply to previous comments.

  1. Do a practise lesson
  2. Tap on the "Comments" icon (the comments are displayed correctly)
  3. Tap "Reply" under one of the existing comments (the comment text is replaced by a number, possibly its comment ID)
  4. Enter your message and tap "Post"
  5. A message pops up saying "An error occurred. Try again later."
January 6, 2018

this has been fixed tho

January 7, 2018

Do you know when? I got sick of the lack of progress, so I stopped updating my Duolingo app over a year ago.

January 7, 2018

well yesterday I replied to a comment on mobile then today checked and it was there

it was probably fixed a couple of months ago

January 7, 2018

Yes, I think it was fixed months ago as well. I used to notice it all the time. If you don't update your app then things don't get fixed. Do you manually update your app? I let Duolingo update itself.

January 7, 2018

yeah I update manually as I don't want all apps to update themselves

January 7, 2018

Some discussions crash the website, reported September 2016

Certain discussion pages crash as soon as they're loaded and redirect to a 404 page, e.g. (Elle a gratuitement des légumes). These pages can still be searched for (this example is the second result when I search for it) but crash when opened.

  1. Search for "Elle a gratuitement des légumes"
  2. Click the second page found
  3. A 404 page is displayed
January 6, 2018

"Type what you hear" sometimes crashes the Android app, reported October 2017

Certain questions crash the app when the answer is submitted. Sometimes it's only for slightly incorrect answers, sometimes it's for correct answers as well.

The Dutch and Norwegian courses are both affected by this, although I haven't experienced this issue with any of the Big 5 courses: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese.

  1. Start a new lesson or a strengthen lesson in Dutch or Norwegian (and possibly others)
  2. In a "Type what you hear" exercise, make a tiny mistake
  3. The app crashes

If one word is really wrong, it seems to offer the correction without crashing. If the sentence would normally be accepted with a minor spelling mistake, it seems to crash. Some sentences crash when typed exactly right.

Not every sentence crashes the app, but the ones that do always do.

January 6, 2018

ok most important first: you don't get a notification when someone replies to your comment

some other bugs:
-when you want to add a citation in the comment using it never works the first time and you have to go edit the comment to get it (actually what I do is I don't put it the first time and then edit and add it)
-when editing comments it sometimes doesn't save your edit at first
-creating a new discussions returns error 404
-when posting comments on mobile you can't see your comment
-on the mobile version when you have to type the answer in English it gives you a keyboard with the suggestions bar but when you have to type in the language you're learning it disables the suggestion bar
-on the mobile it displays names instead of usernames but if people have their name in non-Latin script it is just blank
-search option doesn't find all results
-can't give lingots on mobile
-it is not possible to reply to some comments (after 5 replies)
-no tips n notes on mobile
-when you do strengthen skills you can't see how many questions there are left and if you get the last question wrong the progress bar goes down but it still ends the lesson
-on the app in some multiple choice questions if there is a very long sentence it doesn't display fully

January 7, 2018

-the number of upvotes and replies doesn't match in the discussion forum and when you open the discussion
-in the app it sometimes shows you have upvoted a comment you haven't upvoted

January 7, 2018

How many of these issues have you reported to the Duolingo developers?

  • No notifications received for replied comments (confirmed)
  • Adding links to comments doesn't work the first time
  • Edits to comments don't always save
  • New discussion generates a 404 (how often?)
  • Comment not visible when posted on mobile (confirmed, does it even get created?)
  • No suggestion bar for non-English languages (not a Duolingo bug, it's your device - do not report)
  • Names on mobile, usernames on website (confirmed, it should be consistent across all environments)
  • Can't give lingots on mobile (confirmed, inconsistency)
  • Not possible to reply after 5 levels deep (this is by design: because of indentation some arbitrary limit must be imposed or replies will eventually be unreadable after a certain number of levels - do not report)
  • No tips and notes on mobile (confirmed, inconsistency)
  • Strengthen skills number of questions not shown (in which environment?)
  • Mobile, long multiple choice questions get cut off (provide screenshots to the developers)
  • Number of upvotes and replies don't match between discussion forum and discussion (confusing, do you mean between mobile and website, or is it something else? Please provide steps and more details)
  • App shows you have upvoted comments you haven't upvoted (confirmed)

You have reported 14 separate issues here (some of which are not the developers' responsibility), but you MUST report them to the developers before reporting them here separately. This page is to give visibility to the community of how long the developers have been aware of each issue.

January 7, 2018

No suggestion bar for non-English languages (not a Duolingo bug, it's your device - do not report)

no this is a duolingo issue, I even searched on google "google keyboard suggestions bar" and it gave me the link to duolingo on the first page

Not possible to reply after 5 levels deep (this is by design: because of indentation some arbitrary limit must be imposed or replies will eventually be unreadable after a certain number of levels)

how will they be unreadable? there have actually been some glitches where you could reply to the 5th comment and they're perfectly readable

Strengthen skills number of questions not shown (in which environment?)

in all environments actually

Number of upvotes and replies don't match between discussion forum and discussion

for example on a thread has 1 downvote but when you click on the thread it has 1 upvote

January 7, 2018

All keyboard issues are off-topic. If Duolingo have decided to disable auto-complete, this makes sense. I have no auto-complete on my Android so I have to learn the correct spelling of every word. On the rare occasion I use my iPad, I get suggestions in every language, so I'm lazy and don't learn.

Every reply gets indented from the previous one and becomes slightly narrower. How many times can you do that before the replies can't be seen? Remember that other people might be using a smaller screen than you. If they allow a 6th one, then you'll want a 7th and so on. Do you think it will still work after 100 replies?

Has the number of questions ever been shown? If not, it's not a bug but a new feature which is off-topic.

Please link to one example of mismatched votes. Don't make me search for it myself!

Lastly, have you reported ANY of these bugs to the developers? They can't fix what they don't know about! There's no point ONLY reporting them here, because the developers won't read this unofficial discussion.

January 7, 2018

so you admit it is a duolingo issue then

after 5th reply the replies could just be placed on the same level as the previous one, they don't have to be indented

yes of course

if there is no point reporting them here then why did you start the thread in the first place?

January 7, 2018

I said "if". I have no idea what decisions the development team has made. If they've decided to do something a certain way, that's then a feature, not a bug, even if the community doesn't like it.

Duolingo didn't write your keyboard. They're not responsible for any bugs in it, and they can't reasonably support the hundreds of different keyboards out there.

This is why keyboards are off-topic. It would be a huge investment of energy on a problem that is not their responsibility, and most of the time that they have no power to change, except to report their own bug reports and hope that someone else fixes it.

The indentation already works as you describe. Reply to a fourth level comment and you'll get a new fifth level comment at the bottom of the list. If no extra indentation was shown, you'd have no idea which comment was replied to, especially when voting causes them to go out of order.

Personally, I think they'd be better off scrapping the multiple level replies and doing what Stack Exchange does with a single topic per page, multiple single level replies and a single level of comments per reply, with only the most upvoted comments visible until "Show all" is clicked. However, this would be a feature-level change, not a bug.

I'm not sure what your first image relates to.

And the purpose of this discussion? To create visibility and try to alleviate the community's frustration. To show the slow pace and say "That's not good enough! You should be doing much better! You should have a commitment to your existing users before chasing new ones!"

Duolingo have never replied to me to let me know a bug's been fixed. I updated my app manually for six months every time there was a new release, only to find that a very simple bug I reported as soon as it was released (a regression) was not fixed each time. I can't learn effectively without the forums, so I rolled back each time. After six months I list faith in likelihood of the developers fixing any bugs in a reasonable amount of time.

I like learning languages and I've invested a huge amount of effort with this app. I don't know if there's anything as good as Duolingo out there, but even if there was something better, I'd lose all my progress and have to start as a beginner again on a different app. I'd much rather Duolingo fixed their bugs and kept me as a user.

January 8, 2018

btw here's another bug: when you click on "show hidden comments" and the comment is deleted nothing shows up (so the "hidden comments" shouldn't come up either)

January 7, 2018

January 2018 I reported that I could not move up to Level 13. Suddenly, it says I'm in Level 13 but there are no new lessons to work towards either 13 or 14. I'm confused!

January 21, 2018

Duolingo incorrectly marks exercises as done, reported on 2019-03-06

Duolingo iPhone App all of a sudden marked a bunch of exercises as done and bumped a skill to level 3, even though I did nothing. It also awarded me 400xp. I suspect the issue was a spotty cell phone reception. It occurred on multiple occasions. The Raw record claims that I did about two dozen exercises within a second.

March 6, 2019
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