"Julia has eighty-two pairs of pants."

Translation:Julia hat zweiundachtzig Hosen.

January 6, 2018

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Julia hat zu viele Hosen


Unterhosen should be accepted. Pants in British English does not translate to Hosen. Hosen are Trousers.


82 pairs of pants would be 164 pants? I am a bit confused about if i have the wrong pants or what?


Pants are not countable in English; you can't have 164 pants.

You can have lots of pants, but not an exact number; if you want to count the garments, you count pairs of pants.

One pair of pants has two legs, but if you pick it up, it is just one item.


How about pair here 'paar' ? It looks like unnecessary


Agreed. If it says "pairs of" then "Paare Hosen" should be accepted


I disagree -- drei Paar Hosen would imply that there are six pairs of trousers: perhaps two blue pairs, two yellow pairs, and two green pairs, so that there are always two pairs of trousers that belong together and form a pair.

German doesn't use Paar for trousers the way English does; it doesn't consider a pair to be the two trouser legs together.


Unterhosen is right if you are coming from British (or Commonwealth) English!


The hyphen ("-") is not required in the English language version. Some might actually say it's wrong.


Actually it pretty much is required, at least in US, Canadian, and British English. I have on occasion seen numbers like eighty-two spelled with a space instead of the hyphen in very old (e.g., 1800s and earlier) texts, and I suspect that I may have once or twice seen such numbers written as single words, but those are genuinely exceptional cases in the modern English with which I am familiar.


The Imelda Marcos of Pants! Are these knickers or trousers please?


Are these knickers or trousers please?

The Duolingo German couse uses US English by default, so "pants" are outerwear = trousers.

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Could one incorporate "Stück" into this sentence?

Example: "Julia hat zweiundachtzig Stück Hosen."


That would sound odd to me.


Pants means underpants to me. Is Schluepfer wrong?


I just started numbers yesterday. I'm still a little intimidated by what Duolingo calls the frankenwords in German. For now, I'm just taking my time and sounding them out. It is really a logical system, IMO.


That is a lot of pant

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