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  5. "Umíš používat počítač?"

"Umíš používat počítač?"

Translation:Do you know how to use a computer?

January 6, 2018



Why "Are you able to use a computer?" is not accepted?


Because someone may know how to use, but can have a disability so he/she will not be able to use it. "To be able" is "být schopný".


Because "are you able to use a computer" would mean you are asking if something is possible or not due to circumstances (do you have it with you? do you have one?) but not asking about the ability. "Umíš?" will mean - do you have the ability to ...? can you...?


'Are you able' is an expression about the ability to do something. I can't think of a single instance where it would be dependent on circumstances. In a job interview, you might be asked several questions along these lines: are you able to do this, are you able to do that? If we wanted to know something about circumstances, we would ask a completely different question: are you at a computer now? do you have access to a computer?

If there were more context perhaps, but 'are you able' is a perfectly valid translation for 'umis?'


Can I write Do you know how to use a PC? I am czech native and we use to PC for computer.


Czech PC is a PC in English (personal computer), it is a type of computer. Not all computers are PCs.


Come on @vladafu, as much as you write a lot of very good stuff, this is nonsense. Nowadays nobody uses the word 'personal computer' anymore. PC is a perfect synonym for computer. A non-personal one would be a server.

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