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"Wir trinken seinen Orangensaft."

Translation:We are drinking his orange juice.

January 6, 2018



This is getting out of hands. the normal speed audio clearly says " Sein " not " seinen " unlike the slow audio where " seinen " is clear. this is infuriating. I suggest that you hire someone to record those sentences/words instead of a computer. it's not hard to do and it's certainly not expensive to hire a native speaker to say simple sentences like these.


Shouldn't "We are drinking its orange juice" also work?


In theory, perhaps, but things that are "it" don't often own things.


On another note, why isn't another question in this section, "Wir trinken sein Bier?" not, "Wir trinken seinen Bier?,"?


Because Bier is neuter, not masculine.

Only masculine things have separate forms in the accusative; feminine, neuter, and plural things are the same in nominative and accusative.

Thus, sein Saft in the nominative and seinen Saft in the accusative, but sein Bier could be either nominative or accusative, and similarly seine Cola.


The audio seems corrupted - it does not play :(


I encountered the same problem


    Oct 2018: I've checked the audio files and they seem to all work. If anyone continues to experience the problem, please file a bug report if reloading the lesson and checking your connection didn't work.


    why not "we drink her orangejuice?"


    Firstly, because "orange juice" should be two words.

    Secondly, because sein- means "his", not "her".

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