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What's your favorite part about learning a new language? Least favorite?

for me:

favorite- singing songs/ learning about culture

least favorite- memorising verb conjugations, masculine + feminine nouns and how they change adjectives and other parts of speech

January 7, 2018



My favorite part is when you can finally understand a video or text that i could not understand before my least favorite is when you forget the meaning a basic word you have looked up 100s of time like the word qualquer in spanish.

  • cualquier (qualquer does not exist)


Crap i confused it with the Portugese spelling


Most favorite: Everything about the language, its speakers, and the speakers' culture.

Least favorite: Dealing with constant backlash from my family for learning obscure languages.


Obscure? Which language are you learning?


Most favorite; listening and singing songs

Least favorite; vocabulary memorization


Favorite, when I watch something in the language I'm learning and I can actually pick up words and I realise I'm beginning to understand. all the hard work paid off haha! Least favorite, when I stumble upon a difficult grammatical rule or whatever that I can't wrap my head around at all. I'll end up studying it so hard that in the end I'll know it by heart haha but it's so frustrating!


Favorite : Seeing the surprised looks on peoples faces when I start speaking to them in their native-tongue, and just submersing myself in foreign entertainment wether it be films, shows, games, or comics

Least Favorite : Actually learning the language ( and that goes twice if it's filled with irregularities )


and telling jokes. i forgot about that


Favorite: finally being able to read a paragraph that I had earlier dismissed because it was "in French"

Least favorite: the grindy work part, also, being indecisive about which language I want to focus on


my favorite: I am learning the language for my bf so when I respond to him in swedish he understands what im saying Least favorite: if i mess something up he responds, "Close :)" and i mentally groan


Aw thats nice that youre learning swedish for him.

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