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More DL Stories?

My title basically says it all. I've been obsessed with the DL Stories and am wondering if anyone knows if there are going to be anymore? Thanks!

January 7, 2018



Patience, my friend. Stories in French and German were released recently, something that was requested for a while.


Twenty stories only.We want 200.


Be grateful you even got Stories in French and German. It's a Labs project, so it can be shut down at any time.


You are right .Sorry duolingo.


I know and I'm very grateful. But also impatient unfortunately. :)


Man, some of you guys need to stop being spoiled and actually be grateful for what you have and what you get I don't mean to be rude, but it's just frustrating. You don't even pay for Duolingo. We'll get more languages in Stories. For now just enoy the site.


I think that's VERY rude to say, and I do not think you had the right to say that. It wasn't even criticize just straight up calling her spoiled and ungrateful. Some people do not keep in touch with what's happening on the app and ask it, I didn't know they added German stories, so someone asking a simple question shouldn't be name called in return.


Oh, I didn't mean it to seem as though I was ungrateful. I was more going for the vibe of "these are so awesome that I wish there were more thanks DL for even having such a cool feature."


I hope they add something for Norwegian in the near future :)

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