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Duolingo, wanna know who I'm in love with? Read the first word again!

"Never give up trying to do the things you love to do. Where there is perseverance there is hope and in hope HAPPINESS!" After I lost my 291-day streak I felt like giving up! But not anymore! I'm making Duolingo a lifetime commitment!

January 7, 2018



I'm glad you didn't give up after losing your streak. Unless you came here for just the streak and nothing else, giving up would prove pointless. What's more important is that you are learning languages in the process, and every advancement is significant. ^ ^


Yep indeed! I hope to be the best spanish speaker in the world someday! :)


the highest I have got in duolingo is 24 day streak...



I lost my 11 day streak. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I never make it that far. I was really upset but I still kept going because I couldn't live without Duo either.


I have heard some comment that they felt relieved after losing their streak because they no longer felt the pressure to maintain it. Just wondering, is this how you feel as well?


Nope! I almost balled! That's why I restarted! :) I couldn't live without duo!



Probably not the specific post you were referring to. However, it's a wonderful example of what you stated.


Wow! I guess we all are different! I say lets celebrate the longest streak!


I'm one of those people! I once had a streak of nearly 200 days, and at that point, I had already mastered the language I was learning (I took a reallllly long break from Duolingo, haha); but I still felt the need to come back everyday just to keep up the streak. It put a lot of stress on me because I was really anxious about the streak. Then I realized the streak didn't matter and if I had already mastered the material, then I'd mastered the material. So I let it die on purpose, and felt a lot better.

[deactivated user]

    After I lost my 291-day streak I felt like giving up!

    Losing a streak is mostly a psychological thing. It's a bummer but no more than that... you don't loose any progress you've made in your course and ultimately that's what you're here for.

    Keep going.


    Good Point! I agree!


    Your heart and mind are in the right places! Don't let anything get in the way of this beautiful resolution of yours :) And a very special happy New Year!


    Thank you! Happy New year too you also!


    Progress in a desired language should always be more desirable than the number next to your fire icon. I'm sure the vast majority of you would be here anyway even if Duolingo has no streak feature at all.

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