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What's the reason why you are studying the Korean Language?

Not to be a hypocrite, yes because of BTS and also kdrama. But aside from them, it's because I really like their culture. The people living their, the dust, garbage and everything LOL.

January 7, 2018



I'm learning because i would one day like to study in korea/because of BTS and kdrama's and such


I'm not sure I understand the reference to dust and garbage, but it is a fascinating culture, the people are smart, industrious, and polite, and the country is beautiful (actually far cleaner and better kept up than many parts of the States) and has a wonderful mixture of tradition and modernity. Besides the drama and the music, the food is amazing, and the older generation definitely still shows their gratitude to Americans for our part in protecting their liberty.


K-pop and the writing system. Korea has rich history too.


because learning a new language apparently makes you smarter and i watch kdramas and read webtoon so i want to be able to understand them without translations!!


I am learning this language because of my idol : V - BTS.
Where are you from??


I currently work as an English teacher in Korea, and I'm learning Korean so I can understand what's being said outside of my workplace. LOL. ... BTS is cool also. ;)


I decided to learn Korean after a thinking about what language to learn for a long damn time xD ... I have always been interested in Asian Culture and I knew I wanted to learn a language from one of the countries.. I started learning japanese.. so I know a few stuff from there.. but later on My sister said she had already started learning Korean. So.. Better to have stuff in common! I am now learning Korean and recently started listening to BTS. BTS just gives me even more motivation =) It's a pretty language.


Practicing with your sister will give each of you a big boost if you encourage each other to do so.


I study baduk, so I'd like to be able to talk to the people I play with.


Do you play on KGS? I'm sure you are far better than me, but maybe I can watch you play sometime?


This question was asked just two days ago so you may find comments there interesting: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25776057


I wanted to learn Korean because I found the culture interesting. Also because I watch kdrama and I wanted to go to Korea.


I'm learning Korean, because I think it is a fantastic language to learn and I have an interest in South Korea and their culture. I intend on visiting South Korea someday


Because I want to live in Korea at an eventual stage in my life

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