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"If water were not boil, he will not cook stiff porridge"

Translation:Maji yasipochemka hatapika ugali

January 7, 2018



Should be, "If the water doesn't boil,..."


I just reported it (Feb 2018)


Ha I didnt think there was a english word for Ugali


Yeah, stiff porridge is more of a description. Food words for specific dishes should be left untranslated, in my opinion. It wouldn't make sense to translate baguette as a long loaf of bread, or spaghetti as long thin noodles, or a mexican tortilla as a flat piece of thin unleavened bread cooked on a griddle.


Well, there isn't really a word for it. I've never heard"stiff porridge" anywhere else than here. It's usually just referred to as ugali or posho, depending on where it's from.

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