Hello! I was wondering how many people on here would want Icelandic. I'm trying to convince a friend of mine to help out but she thinks it won't have a demand because most Icelandic people already speak pretty good English because of its requirement in the schools.

Thanks! :)

January 7, 2018


Everyone wants Icelandic; we all know that Icelanders speak good English, but that is besides the point (so do Swedes, Norwegians and Danes, and their languages all have Duolingo courses). Icelandic is amongst the top three most-requested languages, so please convey this information to your friend if it will encourage her to apply.

I didn't know it was top three! I'll be sure to let her know that :)

Thank you so much

Hi chiemseelake,

See the short guide jimnicholson shared the link of, which is about “How to suggest a course”.
Mainly, from Help Center article "How can I suggest a new language course?:

If you want to make a [course] suggestion, we encourage you to visit the forums and making a search for suggestions that have been made in the past, and adding your vote and comments to those existing posts [and thus not creating a new one]. That will make the request more popular and make it stand out more, encouraging more people to add their votes. :)

Note: Texts in between square brackets are additions of mine.

And the guide linked above does have a link to an existing suggestion made in the past about the course you're suggesting. So you can see there the number of upvotes to have an idea about "how many people on here would want Icelandic", in particular if you compare with the number of upvotes for the other suggestions of courses.

[deactivated user]

    Here's the thing with Icelandic and other not so widely spoken languages... Duolingo must build a whole tree of it such as to offer an acceptable quality course. How many of those requiring Icelandic are really intending to give a serious look into the language and not quitting after 10 lessons and a few basic sentences?

    Duolingo must try to understand this... is there a significant number of people really interested in learning Icelandic to say... an intermediate level... or is it just a fad and will many jump ship as soon as the language gets more complicated and a "cool" new language comes along? Should they really make an effort in building the Icelandic tree?

    I'm not referring specifically to the OP... this is more a general comment on the whole apparent demand for Icelandic.

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