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Word pronunciation with different dialects of French

Hello everyone, I've had this burning question I've always wanted to ask. In the video game there is an operator by the name of Montagne. There has been arguments on forums and youtube videos on how to pronounce the name and was wondering if it is because of the differing dialects between different French speakers. If you are a native French or French Canadian I would love to hear your take and if it's different or not from other areas of the world.

January 7, 2018



I believe it goes like this: Mon-Tain


Hello! If the name is anything like the word "mountain", perhaps you would find this site useful https://fr.forvo.com/word/montagne/

French here, but not well-travelled enough to speak for anyone apart from my neck of the woods, or the "standard" French heard on TV. You'll notice that the given page has French, Canadian and Belgian voices. Unfortunelately no African ones.

May I ask what's the video game :)?


Would you say all, or at least the France(?), pronunciations are accurate, because if so this clears up a lot. The game in question is Rainbow Six Siege.


I'd say Muriel voicing may be just the slightest bit exagerated (is it her accent, though, or did she want to sound extra-clear?), the others are very similar to what I would be like (funny enough, more like Nathan from Belgium, when I live nowhere near the border). Having watched quite a lot of French Canadian fiction, I have no difficulty either with Bwass.

Well, you may already know, but looking up the game, I stumbled upon the news of an upcoming update regarding a bug about Jager (I imagine this makes plenty of sense to you (-: ) If you care to read it (in French) https://nofrag.com/2018/01/06/105316/


It's a Guy by the way.


Not French or French Canadian, but I heard a funny story about the difference between the dialects. I was speaking to a Swiss German speaking man and he related a story about his hockey team which had two native French speakers: one from Canada and one from the French Alps. These guys were constantly getting angry and yelling at each other because they couldn't understand each other's French. The German speaking teammates found this hysterical. Swiss German speakers are used to dealing with different dialects because of the number of different ones in such a small country.


Relations between us and our North American cousins can be a little tense indeed, but the world belongs to people of good will :)


Should we really talk about "dialects" when talking about standard French from France, and standard French for Quebec?

Are they not just variations of the same language?

Just like British English, American English or Hiberno-English...


Interesting question, would love the opinion of a linguist. The important part for me being the ability to communicate, and I firmly believe that what it takes is mostly a bit of humility, tolerance and the will to understand each other. May I ask what's your first tongue?

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