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Sentence count within lessons - new system, A/B test or a glitch?

Today I noticed that the exercise count within the Japanese-from-English and its reverse course is firmly set at 17. I'm quite sure it didn't use to be that way. Not so long ago there were lessons containing only one or two sentences. It seems that this was improved... or was it?

For me now, there are exactly 17 tasks given, for both new and strength lessons. The thing is, they're not necessarily different sentences. The same sentence sometimes appears 5-6 times in a row. It's always the "form a sentence from words" type of exercise. On the bright side, the words to pick from vary, even if the phrase is the same, so there may be some (albeit weak) revising point. Still, it gets a bit tiresome doing the same thing over and over, especially when the sentence is long.

I tested it a bit and it doesn't seem to be a random incident (I counted that when I didn't make any mistakes through the lesson to keep it accurate). There are some exceptions though, such as the Shopping 2 Lesson 2 with its one sentence, even though the previous lesson has the 17 sentences set. Then the next two ones have 13-14, and last one 17 again. The count is more consistent on the reverse tree, each lesson there has exactly 17 tasks, but also the repetition of phrases happens more often.

It's been this way for me for at least 2 days. Examples from reverse course: 1, 2

What do you think? Is this a new system of giving a set count of sentences in an attempt to fix the "one lesson one sentence" issue? A persistent glitch? Or maybe this is another A/B test - can anyone else confirm this happening to them?



PS. Even if it's not exactly working the right way yet, I think the Japanese course is finally getting more work done on it * fingers crossed * ^.^

January 7, 2018



Not sure what to make of this but I have noticed the same sentences again and again too while doing Strength lessons. I haven't done the whole tree, sure, but I reckon more varied sentences should come up from what I have done so that I don't yawn myself through it as after one glimpse of a Japanese sentence to translate I know that once again Mr Tanaka speaks both Japanese and English ;)


Hmm, so maybe there's been some slight changes to the course. Difficult to say without more people's opinions... I can't find the Japanese team's development reports to know for sure. Right now, at the reverse course I'm stuck getting one sentence repeated multiple times in each lesson. And I don't want to dissappoint you, but I think that "Mr Tanaka speaks both Japanese and English" is one of the more varied sentences in the earlier lessons ;) More interesting stuff starts happening at about half way through the tree :)


I'll just have to wait and see then. I'm taking my sweet time with the tree though, doing lots of Strength lessons to revisit what I have done before. No point in rushing through it as that won't help me learn any faster. Wish it did, though! :)


I took a lot of revising time too. It really helps later on. Sometimes you get that "Eureka" moment when you see a sentence from earlier, understand how it was constructed and think "ah, so that's what that was about" :D


I've had that already thanks to my previous studies of the language! So much fun when you find out you actually learned something! :D

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