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WIU 2018 - this discussion to be removed.

WIU 2018 - this discussion to be removed.
Please continue to follow the revamped and updated : [WIU Index] Weekly Incubator Updates

Take note this discussion mentioned above is NOT locked. Thank you for the discussion points people have made here. I will respond to them soon. And endeavoring to revamp the older post to reflect the points that have been deemed relevant - to reflect them in that original post.

1. 2018/01/07 https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25794306

[WIU Index] Weekly Incubator Updates

January 7, 2018



Incubator updates with discussion locked are no fun. Someone has to say it.


Yes, like I have said before it ruins the point forcing us to open extra posts asking the same questions


Lots of posts ask the same questions; children learn how to communicate by asking the same questions; people, in general, ask the same questions: this is the nature of human communication. And once in a while, someone asks or says something different, something worth reading, and now that cannot happen at all in these posts. The Duolingo courses merely gestate like alien eggs, in silence, without any camaraderie from the Duolingo users.


Why does a moderator need to open a second post? We could just have this discussion in the original one.


The calendar arbitrarily changed a number; thus a new post is necessary in order to bring it in line with our calendric system. Don't blame me—I didn't invent it (I am quite aware that you haven't blamed me, and merely am doing away with this possibility) .
Also, I've no idea where the original one is, and given Duolingo's terrible search algorithms, it is doubtful I should easily find it. The forums here are not at all well-designed.


I just think that two posts on the same topic increase clutter and it would be better just to open comments on the original update post. Locking it was one more unnecessary decision, I hope they realize this soon.


Hello all here following this discussion.
Please note, I have read, thought about and brainstormed the various issues you have brought up here.

And in conjunction within the limitations of my abilities and resources, I will be :

1) shortly ( as in before Saturday ) deleting this post here.

2) I have restructured and updated the original WIU post that was created about 8 months ago in 2017, to assist with the continued reporting of WIU.

This is so it can continue on in its task for being a post people can bookmark, for example in their browsers, and access the information of updates and news, by linking to that original post.

NOTE: I WILL be deleting this post here.

Please note , just as with this post, the main WIU reference post is NOT locked.
While it is able to perform its function of being an effective reference post for people to see WIU and other news reports, I will be intending to leave this reference post unlocked.

Thank you for the discussion you have had here on this post. That has given me food for my re-design of the original post.

When the next WIU comes out on Sunday, I will be updating the post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22360462 , and in such a way that if you are following that post, and have your email turned on, that you will receive also an email notification, when the next WIU is released.


I agree wholeheartedly.


The latest Weekly Incubator Update is now out.

To get next weeks update, and to go to the link of this update,
please follow: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22360462.

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