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When writing in German, can it be made that it's case-sensitive?

Sometimes I forget when I'm typing formal you or a noun and Duolingo doesn't remind me (or make me incorrect) and says I'm right, but that certainly is a big no-no in German I assume? Could it be made that it is case sensitive just to make sure that the wider community doesn't fall in the habit of not capitalising nouns (as I have)? And any suggestions on how to remind yourself?

January 7, 2018


[deactivated user]

    I think that falls in the "typo tolerance" discussion where Duolingo allows certain "not-so-correct" answers to pass by. Similarly to noun capitalization you can also type without the umlauts. Both are kind of important to know but there's no option that I know of that requires you to write that in the correct way.

    I would also support a user option that forced us to use noun capitalization and umlauts.


    Sometimes Duo lets typos go through and sometimes he doesn't.


    It's not possible to influence the grading mechanism, as far as I know, and to enforce (or ignore) capitalisation or punctuation or other things.

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