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"We also need a horse that swift."

Translation:Tak rychlého koně také potřebujeme.

January 7, 2018



I got this right because it was a Mark All Correct Meanings exercise, but if it had been Write This in Czech, I'm not sure I would have. I probably would have written something like "My také potřebujeme takového rychlého koně." Would that have been totally wrong, marginally acceptable, or just fine? (Thinking ahead here...) Thanks!


More direct would be "My také potřebujeme tak rychlého koně.". Yours is more akin to "We also need such a swift horse." But to me it is close enough (but I am not a mod).


Thanks for your explanation. It's close enough for me, too, but it will be interesting to see if it's close enough for DL if the sentence shows up as a Write This in Czech exercise!


i just expanded the translations to almost 300, and your proposal is one of the new ones. i would say close enough.


(Ich schreibe besser auf Deutsch, da mein Englisch nicht sehr gut ist:) 1.) Da "swift" ein Adjektiv ist: Warum nicht "We also need a horse that IS swift". 2.) Gibt es einen Unterschied zwischen "We also need a horse that swift" und "We also need a swift / fast horse." 3.) Kann man "We also need a horse that swift " mit "Také potřebujeme koně, který je rychlý" übersetzen? Danke im Voraus für die Hilfe.


1) is "Také potřebujeme koně, který je rychlý."

2) Yes, there is a difference. "horse that swift" is not just a swift horse, it is a horse as swift as some other thing we discussed or were watching.

3) No, "Také potřebujeme koně, který je rychlý" means "We also need a horse that is swift".


Why Tak written with the capital T, if it's not the correct word to start the sentence with?


If you look at the sentence at the top of this page -- the main translation -- you will see that "tak" is the first word in that translation. If you are referring to the word bank, it offers tiles for the words that appear in the main translation, usually along with some others that do not. But the main translation is not the only valid translation of the exercise sentence.


It tells me i have a mistake in my answer, but the option preserved isn't on the list of words. Is it because mine has wrong word order?


Unless you used the Report button to send your answer into the system, no one knows what it was, so no one can tell you why it was not accepted. :-(

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