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German words list - a test

[deactivated user]

    Hallo Leute,

    So, my German words list is missing quite a few words I've learned along the way... I don't know if it's only mine or if it happens with yours too. Or even if it's the same words that are missing.

    So, would you be as kind as to check your lists for the following words my list is missing... they occur in first half of the course so hopefully enough of you have reached that point already:

    • Zwiebel

    • Hals

    • Landwirtschaft

    There are some more words missing but this sample should be enough.

    Thank you.

    January 7, 2018



    I noticed my word count is down by more than 200 words. It was over 2880 and is now around 2600. The three words you listed are indeed missing. I am not worried about DuoLingo's word count because it is far below my actual vocabulary.

    [deactivated user]

      Not worried either... this is just an attempt at kind of debug it.

      As a side note... I don't consider plurals as two words really... I mean, Katze and Katzen is basically the same word with a small difference. I know some plurals have more differences from their singular counterparts but for me at least I consider them the same word, only in a different form.

      Thank you.


      I also don't consider differences in verb conjugation to be separate words. But for the purpose of spoken word recognition, any change in a word that results in a sound change must be considered as a unique word for the software to score it properly.

      When I completed the German 1.0 tree, my word count was only around 1800 words. DuoLingo changed how word count was scored when the 2.0 tree was released. They are probably altering the database again to reflect the current state of the course.

      [deactivated user]

        I've only experienced the 2.0 tree.

        They are introducing new sentences for sure... though I'm not sure if I've seen new words yet.

        As I've finished the tree my daily dose of Duolingo practice consists only of strengthen exercises and lately I've been thrown sentences that were not there when I was progressing the course. Which is nice I guess... the more the better.


        these words are also not in my word count.


        I can confirm that those words are also missing on my list and that I have encountered them on this site before.


        I don't have them on my list either. I couldn't swear to having learned them on Duo though.

        [deactivated user]

          Thank you for your replies.

          The words missing on my list are indeed missing on everyone's lists. If it's a bug it's the same for everyone.

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