"Nevím o tom klukovi, jejž jsem ráno našla ve své posteli, téměř nic."

Translation:I know almost nothing about the boy that I found in my bed in the morning.

January 7, 2018

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Is "I don’t know almost anything..." incorrect? The recommended solution was "I don’t know hardly anything..." which on the other hand seems wrong to me (I’d say "I hardly know anything..."). I reported it via the report option but am not sure whether I was right so I’m asking here to find out :)


in my opinion you are correct on both accounts. the "don't know hardly anything" strikes me as non-standard english on the level of double negation.


Nemá tam být JEHOŽ jsem našla....


Yes, why jejž? kluk is masculine animate, so why isn't the pronoun jehož?


Shouldn't it allow to swap places of "in my bed" and "in the morning"?

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