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Reflexive verbs in French should be available sooner?

Not sure about anyone else but I feel like the reflexive verbs lessons should be unlocked earlier for French. I've come across a few of these in other lessons (especially in verbs 3 and compound past) and I've not been able to understand how to use these as the lesson for reflexive verbs is unlocked much later.

Anyone else agree?

January 7, 2018

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I agree! However I can see how at this point that would probably be difficult for them to change as they might have to redo/restructure the whole tree. What I would really like is a better explanation of reflexive verbs added to the tips and notes and better explanations on how to know when to conjugate with avoir and when to conjugate with être. I only leanred what reflexive verbs are through a sentence discussion. It would be nice if an explanation could be added to notes. (My tree is gold and I still feel a bit fuzzy on this). I was also surprised at how far down être/avoir were down the tree, but maybe it is just nice to learn a few vocabulary verbs first before being thrown into the deep end. Edit: I have been reweiving the notes on Reflexive Verbs, and they are not taught until about ten lessons after Imparfait and Passe Compose, even though you need to know about reflexive verbs to me able to know what to conjugate with etre and what to congugate with avoir. It feels very out of order to me. I to read the notes on Reflexive verbs and then go back to thenprevious lessons to practice them. I think the french course is very good, so they must have had some logic for this, but it seems so strange and backwards to me.

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