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When to use 'Einen', 'Einem', 'Den' and 'Dem'?

Any help would be appreciated!

January 7, 2018



Einen and Den are masculine accusative, Einem and Dem are masculine dative.


"Einen" and "Einem" are the accusative/dative forms of the article "Ein". For example: "Ich backe EINEN Kuchen" - I bake a cake "Ich gebe einem Freund diesen Kuchen" - I give this cake to a friend The same goes for "Den" and "Dem" which are the accusative/dative form of the article "Der". For example: "Ich kaufe DEN Kuchen" - I buy the cake "Ich gebe DEM Bäcker das Geld" - I give the money to the baker


What Somebodystrange (love the name) said; and "einen, einem" is indefinite article ("a", "an") and "den, dem" definite one ("the").

As for the use of the cases, either let Duo guide you, or search for a good grammar site/book. I can explain if you wish, but it will be a looong shot ;)

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