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  5. When to use 'Mich' vs 'Mir'?


When to use 'Mich' vs 'Mir'?

Help would be appreciated!

January 7, 2018



Mich is used for the accusative case and mir for the dative.


Also some verbs use the dative case for objects, like "Hilf mir"


thanks for that gatiquo, I had actually forgotten about the verbs!

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Hi. As far as I'm concerned, Mir is used when the action implies "to me". Maybe an example clarifies it: Sie gibt mir (She gives something to me) . Sie sagt mir (She says something to me) . Vs Sie liebt mich. (She loves me). I hope you find this useful.


Your English examples are incorrect. When a sentence uses the phrase "to me", it is using a prepositional phrase and not an indirect object.


... and there are a few words like: aus, bei, mit von, nach that always take the dative. (forcing you to use mir) . Then there are some words like: durch gegen, ohne, um... that always take the accusative (forcing you to use mich). There are some other famous ones, but I haven't worked out how to type umlauts yet, or the "sharp" s. :(

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