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Lost my 109 day steak

My Graph says I only did 40xp yesterday but I stayed up till 10 to get my 50 (I know this because I do not rest till it is done). were there server issues yesterday?

I know it is only a game but it did make me sad to open it up only to find out I am back at 0 :(

sad man here.

January 7, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Here's a trick... set you daily goal to 10 xp a day... this way a single lesson is enough to keep your streak. Then do how many more xp's as you like, but at least this way you can keep your streak with minimal effort.

    I have my daily goal set to Casual but average 100 xp's a day.


    Tips for keeping your future streak:

    (For users of the web version (www.duolingo.com) I see complaints from people, who are using outdated browsers and/or operating systems.)

    It's always a good idea ....

    • to check that your phone / tablet has had a chance to synchronise with Duolingo's servers.

    Why would it not synchronise? My Wifi/4G/LTE is okay

    Because Duolingo has issues in synchronising, almost every day.

    Always check if your phone had synchronised with the Duolingo servers after doing a lesson. Sometimes it can take 5-10 minutes after finishing a lesson in the App.

    • have always Duolingo's web version open in the browser of your phone
    • set this browser in Desktop mode
    • refresh your browser after each lesson in the App, and check if the amount of XP increased in the browser with the web version.


    Set your goal as low as possible (1) and buy a streak freeze.

    [deactivated user]

      Speaking of which... where can one get a single xp point? I though the minimum was 10 xp's... which equals a lesson (with added bonus if on the app) or a strengthen exercise.

      [deactivated user]

        Buy a timed practice, then, you can earn 1 XP by completing an exercise and letting the timer count down to zero.

        [deactivated user]
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