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Questions/Ideas for Duo

Guys, I have been overflowing with these questions/ideas for the past few months, and I HAVE to get them out of my system or else I'm gonna explode. If you downvote this just because you didn't like one thing on this OR for no apparent reason, I'll explode in that scenario too. Just so you know.

So here we go!


  1. Why is the Klingon course been at 100% for the past few months, but it STILL hasn't been released? I know that the Klingon team had to deal with the apostrophe issue, but is it really taking this long?

  2. On Minecraft/Roblox, I have seen some players say some stuff in Spanish (idk what they're saying :p), then use ">:v" or something like that. Can someone tell me what this means?


  1. Biggest one first that needs some explaining: in November, I was down in Mexico for a vacation, and to get around, I used something called a colectivo. (Why does macOS like to autocorrect that word?) Anyways, a colectivo is kinda like a cross between a bus and a taxi. (If my explanation doesn't help you, go google this up.) Anyways, my idea is to add "Taking a colectivo" as a Spanish chatbot course. The driver would ask you where you'd want to go, then would tell you how much it would cost to go to where you'd want to go. (It's like 20 pesos, btw.)

  2. Push notifications support. I guess this would be the most functional when the discussion bell bug thing gets patched, but anyways, my idea for this is when you'd get a bell notification, a push notification would come up (that is, if you'd have 'em enabled), telling you so-and-so.

  3. A swear/curse filter. I know that Duo has tried to implement this kinda thing already, but I have an idea for it: when the filter detects a curse/swear word, a popup will come up and say something like "There appears to be cursing/swearing in your message. This is direct violation of Duolingo's Code of Conduct. Are you sure you want to continue?", then there would be "Yes" and "No" buttons. Keep in mind this does not censor anything, just warns the user.

Thanks for reading!


January 7, 2018



I completely oppose swearing/cursing filters or further dumbing down the site for kids. And why do people seem to have this idea that kids don't know swear words? We knew them by early elementary school in the 1980s. You need to know when it's appropriate to use them (whacking your thumb with a hammer, say) and when not to use them, but a blanket filter? No.


While I try to refrain from swearing myself (mostly) I agree with wombatu because I have seen how impracticle these filters are in practice. I play a game that filters the word skill in conversations, (because it contains the word kill). It is a disney themed game, so I see the need to filter, but I could also not type Lilo and Stitch (a disney movie) into the conversation. Furthermore, people can be offensive and harassing without using swear words, so it is better to be able to report based on context and have general decency guidelines. Personally, I would actually love a swear words bonus skill section!


Your comment just gave me flashbacks of Club Penguin. That had literally the worst filtering system in all of video game history.


I mean, do we REALLY need more swearing/cursing in our lives? My filter idea just gives people a warning; lets them know that putting an f-bomb in every sentence isn't allowed here.


That depends - swearing's all about context. I think there are very legitimate reasons for it to be allowed here, if only so that people learn swear words in the languages they're learning so that they know them if they encounter them. Of course pointless cursing should be called out, but I think it's more complicated than creating some black and white filter.


Context is all.

"O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain!"


Do you honestly think they don’t know? Like they meant to type duck instead and it’s an honest slip?

Let people take responsibility for their own actions. If it gets them banned so be it. And it’s not like people don’t know these words.


Colectivo only has one L. Remember there is a difference in Spanish between ele and elle.


Fixing that right now.


Similar to the mashrutne taxi in Ukraine - you could possibly do a similar lesson there...


>:v looks like a variant of >:( , maybe it's being used as an angry/annoyed face?


It seems that just Spanish speakers use this. I thought that maybe it meant something else?


With the third idea, if that happened to be a reality, I think it would be more appropriate if that kind of warning popped up for children under 13. For people older, or perhaps adults, I don't think seeing a curse is that much of a problem. I guess I'm speaking from my perspective as being an adult. However, I don't believe Duolingo asks for a birthday when creating an account, so it may be harder to implement the suggestion I added. It's just a thought. ^ ^


There is no way of knowing peoples’ ages here. I could be 10, or 80 and you have no way of verifying this.


I sort of figured since Duolingo never asks for an age at any time during registering an account.

Plus, people can and will lie.


>:v is angry and shouting


:v...esto es un emoticón, emoticono, emoji, carita o como lo quieran llamar; se asemeja a un pacman y representa ironía, sarcasmo y burla (humor negro en su mayoría :v) o simplemente para decir cosas sin sentido.



Great ideas! Personally, I would like to see more diversity in the stories. Duolingo is a great site where people cross cultural, age society boundaries and yet I feel like the stories I have read do not reflect our diverse modern society. I love the stories, and many of them feature dating and couples, but so far I have not come across a single same sex relationship. This is not ok. Please make the stories reflect our diversity and times!


"Why is the Klingon course been at 100% for the past few months, but it STILL hasn't been released?"

There are a lot more issues, the skills hanging around issue, the audio issue, and probably more that we don't know about. Besides, the orthography ones is kind of a major issue.

In my opinion, for the swear word popup thing, there should be a "Don't show me this message again" option.


Honestly with the swearing I wish there was more on this site. Swearing, slang and humor/sarcasm are three ways to know you speak the language you are learning very well. I also wish that there were multiple trees in the different languages so that you could start on another tree (that was much harder) if you so chose to. While the levels are a start, there's only so much you can do with the same vocabulary.

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