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"Do you know your sister's girlfriends?"

Translation:Znáte přítelkyně svojí sestry?

January 7, 2018



Is it possible to say Znáš přítelkyně tvojí sestry?


Using "svojí" is much better. Using non-reflexive pronouns when a reflexive one is possible is sub-standard. But we do already accept a similar sentence so I will add this variation.


znáš kamarádky tvojí sestry nejde?


Same as Matt81406, it is sub-standard, but we do already accept similar ones.


what about "Znáš tvojí sestry přítelkyně"?


No, "tvojí sestry" is a non-agreeing adjectival, i.e. it does not change during declination of the noun. These belong after the noun.


svoji sestry and not svoji sestra because it's genetiv? and the other sentences like ptate se svoji dcery. ...tvoji holky ... , ...svoji sestry. also genetive? The nouns all have a y ending which normally suggests plural.


It is the genitive case.


The -y ending can be found in different places. It is used for genitive singular of feminine words ending in -a in nominative, so it doesn't always suggest plural.

But of course there are also many words that have -y as their ending in accusative and/or nominative plural,


Why can't I use svých here?


That is plural and there is only one sister.


"znas pritelkyne vasi sestry" seems not to be accepted, even though "znas pritelkyne tvoji sestry" apparently is.


Why would you mix znáš and vaší? If you have a question, ask it. If not, use the report button.


haha didn't think about it this way, you are totally right :) comes from doing too many things at the same time, sorry about it. as for the question it was kinda implied, in a shorthand way (again, due to doing too many things at once), but fair point, and noted. on the other hand, VladaFu, you tend to come off rather patronizing in your replies. hope you see the point yourself and note it, just like I did.


If you use "vas", you should as well use "znáte". A mixture seems weird.


Mám to chápat tak, že sestra je lesba :-)?


Ani v angličtině to tak být nemusí. "a female friend" je pořád jedním z možných významů slova girlfriend a taktéž přítel/přítelkyně stále může znamenat prostě přátele.

Ale možné to je.

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