"Tema noastră nu este acasă."

Translation:Our homework is not at home.

January 7, 2018

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what does this mean ? that the homework is done at school and not at home ?


I have the same confusion with the Romanian variant as a native speaker.

It could mean either that or that you haven't forgot it at home. I don't know.


I'm neither a Romanian nor English native speaker, and I'm a bit confused here.

The definitions I found of temă suggest it is written work, not specifically work done outside the class. So I guess I would translate it in French as "devoir" but I'm not sure about English.

Is "homework" also used for work done in class? Wouldn't "assignment" be a good/better translation?


Assignment seems better, if the sentence really means that the "temă" isn't to be done at home (= isn't homework). There's also the word "coursework", but I think that is more specifically a major assignment that counts toward your grade.


No wonder that the words temă and teamă are so similar.


In American English at least, "homework" is uncountable, while "assignment" is countable. You could therefore say, "I have a lot of homework tonight. I have one assignment in Math, one in History, and another in English."

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