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  5. "Tema noastră nu este acasă."

"Tema noastră nu este acasă."

Translation:Our homework is not at home.

January 7, 2018



what does this mean ? that the homework is done at school and not at home ?


I have the same confusion with the Romanian variant as a native speaker.

It could mean either that or that you haven't forgot it at home. I don't know.


I'm neither a Romanian nor English native speaker, and I'm a bit confused here.

The definitions I found of temă suggest it is written work, not specifically work done outside the class. So I guess I would translate it in French as "devoir" but I'm not sure about English.

Is "homework" also used for work done in class? Wouldn't "assignment" be a good/better translation?


No wonder that the words temă and teamă are so similar.

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