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"El este aici de la începutul crizei."

Translation:He is here from the start of the crisis.

January 7, 2018



A classic error of learners of English - "I am here since last year etc" for "I have been here"


Probably works better in the past tense as the crisis was probably unexpected. He was here....... or he has been here since.......... ?


Past doesn't really work better than present, but present perfect, which is your second example, does work correctly.


The standard translation, "He has been here since the start of the crisis" accepted.

It's perhaps worth noting that this use of the Present Perfect, with "since" and "for", is an exception, and is generally translated in Romance languages with the Present, rather than with a past tense.


what will DUO say if i translate SINCE THE BEGINNING instead of FROM THE START ?


It will say based on whatever the volunteers who've added this decided to be accepted.

Feel free to try alternative translations that come to your mind and report them checking the my version should be accepted box.


Only one way to find out...


He is here since the beginning of the crisis = now accepted :-)


It really shouldn't be, that's disappointing.


Can someone explain to me why it is "crizei" and not crizele for this gen-dat agreement? I had a rule in my head (that I probably made up from incomplete conclusions) that if the feminine noun was a specific Person or Place, the final "a" of the word was replaced with "ei" and if it was a thing, the plural feminine form was used? And now I'm confused again


That's definitely not the rule. You don't introduce plural forms unless the words are plural, simple as that, and -ei is the feminine singular articulated genitive/dative ending.


I'm confusing dative and genetive dative I think


why it's wrong - he is here from the beggining of the crisis


Just the spelling I think. It should be beginning.


What about "since the beginning" ? Would that be wrong?

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