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"Monday is the first workday of the week."

Translation:Montag ist der erste Werktag der Woche.

January 7, 2018



Couldn't be "Arbeitstag" also accepted?


It failed Arbeitstag


Yes, "Arbeitstag/Werktag" are both correct translations for "workday". But I think DL does not know it, and someone should report it. (;



Depending on where you are in Germany or Austria, "Werktag" or "Arbeitstag" will be the most common, if not the ONLY word used for 'workday' in your region. In my experience, Arbeitstag is prevalent


Why not "Der Montag....? It is also a usual kind of expression for the days of the week in the German language.


My understanding is that "Werktag" and "Arbeitstag" are different concepts. "Werktag" seems to be a legal definition referring to legal working days. Monday through Saturday are Werktäge. Sunday is not. While Arbeitstag refers to an individual's work schedule. Sunday is not a Werktag, but for a Priest it is an Arbeitstag. Also, although Monday is a Werktag, if a restaurant is closed on Mondays then Monday is not an Arbeitstag for the cook.

This exercise though calls for a translation and the context is not clear. Yes Monday is the first Werktag. But for most workers Monday is probably also the first day they work, and therefore also their first Arbeitstag.

I recommend that Arbeitstag also be accepted as a correct answer.


No, "Werktag" and "Arbeitstag" have the same meaning and they are defined as synonyms by the Duden (copy):

Werktag (Synonyme)

Alltag, Arbeitstag, Wochentag

A "Werktag" is a working day = werken/werkeln" corresponds "arbeiten".

But I agree, "Arbeitstag und Wochentag " are often used in the German language and should also be accepted.


why is Arbeittag so wrong

[deactivated user]

    Arbeitstag sollte korrekt sein. Das Wort "Werktag" wird selten genutzt.


    It's just not what we say in German.

    Just as we don't call working days "labouring days" even though "labour" is a synonym of "work".

    [deactivated user]

      In German we say "Arbeitstag". This is also the case in the employment contracts of employees.


      The correct translation of "workday" is Arbeitstag. From Webster's dictionary: "Definition of workday 1 : a day on which work is performed as distinguished from a day off 2 : the period of time in a day during which work is performed On workdays I usually wake up at six o'clock."

      The correct translation for Werktag is "business day". From Webster's dictionary: "Definition of business day : a day when most businesses are open : a weekday that is not a holiday Please allow 14 business days for delivery."


      Arbeitstag is used in German


      Arbeitstag wird immer noch als falsch gewertet. Laut Dictionary ist sowohl Werktag als auch Arbeitstag richtig. Das macht Duolingo hier trotz vieler Interventionen immer noch falsch. Schade, schade ..


      Why does she pronounce Werktag as warktag?


      As far as I can tell (as a native speaker), her pronunciation is correct.


      Because, in German, er is pronounced like ah in most cases. That also happens in British England, for reference.


      Correction *English, not England.


      I wrote "Montag ist der erste werktag der woche" and it was corrected(!) because of the three spaces between erste and werktag...


      Habe gemeldet, dass "Arbeitstag" auch richtig ist/ steht ja auch in der Auswahl 2021-02-02


      Yes, der Montag is better. In German, a definite article usually is placed before the names of weekdays and months.


      I don't agree (mother tongue)


      Have a look at my link about the different use of the definite article in English and in German:


      You can find the following examples:


      • May is the most beautiful month in Wales. - Der Mai ist der schönste Monat in Wales.

      • I′m looking forward to Saturday. - Ich freue mich schon auf den Samstag.

      • Winter in Southern England is delightful, too. - Auch der Winter in Südengland ist reizvoll.


      but it is not wrong. One can say both in this example. But maybe as a mother tongue speaker, I don't know my grammar. Very possible.


      I'm furious that this doesn't accept "Montag ist der erste Arbeitstag der Woche"

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