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Will Duolingo's new "Skill levels" allow the Japanese course to implement more Kanji?

Firstly, I just want to say that the Duo team is fantastic, including the team who tackled the challenge of bringing Japanese in.

As many have pointed out, I think right now the next step for this course likely has to be implementing more Kanji, as one doesn't really see written Japanese with this little Kanji.

I wonder if the skill level feature could allow this? Like, increasing a skill's level could perhaps unlock some of the Kanji?

January 7, 2018



I'm not sure if Skill Levels will apply for beta-phase languages... but it would be a good idea, as someone strenghtens a particular skill enough, hiragana would be gradually exchanged by kanji. I think it could be a natural way of introducing a more complex writing system, not just throwing lots of kanji at people who still may have trouble with kana. That said, I'm still rooting for furigana, which would be even more helpful, since beginners could decide whether to read the kanji or hiragana, and at the same time allow more advanced learners to read in a more convenient for them way.


It was confirmed in the Skill Levels reveal discussion that all courses will get Skill Levels, but it would take a bit longer for the Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages.


That's great :D I really want to see the Japanese course advance from the beta phase, and also get an update like the Skill Levels. I imagine it will take some time tough, but...I'm patient.


Yeah, Furigana is a must. I'm forced to use www.jisho.org on desktop


There are web browser extensions that add furigana automatically. There are also ones that define words when you move your cursor over them.


In the Skill Level introduction, karint makes an interesting point: "Whenever we tried to add harder content in order to teach better, our engagement metrics would go down. Learners would get discouraged and leave the app."

This is exactly why I don't want to join the chorus of "This course needs more kanji." As I have said before, a person new to Japanese is faced with so many unfamiliar words and concepts that the addition of the real-life load of kanji would be overwhelming - I know it would have been for me.

I'm all for the option of purchasing additional kanji (finally, a use for all those lingots), and it'll be interesting to see the skill-level approach play out, if and when it comes to Japanese. But for now, I'm very happy with the amount of kanji in the course.


Not instantly thrown at the people of course, but what's wrong with slowly implementing kanji in the course the further you progress? If you want to read Japanese, knowing (some most commonly used) kanji is kind of a must.


Only saw this now, sorry (this thread originated during the time when "following discussion" wasn't turned on automatically).

Anyway, it seems to me "slowly implementing kanji" is exactly what the Japanese course is doing.


Yeah I’d love to see this on Duo Japanese course, would make me want to go through the tree again.


Let's hope so! The course REALLY needs more Kanji!


Yes, more kanji. But not just that, also explain the kanji. What it consists of (hiragana) and the meaning. In the courses I had "watashi" written mostly in hiragana and suddenly for one or two courses in kanji. Without Duolingo ever telling me what it was.


I'd like a feature like, for example: "Your Kanji so far." so you could train and memorize all the kanji you learned in past lessons.


Personally, I think the formal personal pronoun, わたし should be introduced as the Kanji 私, early in the course. It's such a common character, and once learned, Kanji are way easier to read. In other words, yes! Please give us more Kanji.

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    I sure hope so.

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