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Do you write down what you learn?

Do you write down what you learn on Duolingo?

January 7, 2018



Sometimes. It's useful to try and write in a diary or do poetry for practice, using as much as you know from your head. Some people also write down the tips and notes in some of the Duolingo lessons.


I'm curious, how do you and other people manage to learn so many languages at once? It really is phenomenal.


Don't forget that to get to levels below 10 does not take too much effort and does not mean you've achieved much. People with large strings of languages are usually those who have had a quick go at a lot simply out of interest. That's what I will do when I have the time.

Having said that, even having just three at 10 or more is pretty impressive.


Yes. I keep a diary and try my best to describe my day using what little Norwegian I know.

[deactivated user]


    It would surely be useful but I hate writing down.


    Most of it. It's always nice to have notes you can refer back to. I can't expect to just learn a new word or concept and just be like, "yeah, I'll definitely remember that" because inevitably I'll forget. So it's great to have something written down to remind you.


    I try to read or use new phrases when speaking, but im lazy haha


    I usually write all the sentences down in English and in Irish, so that I can test myself from English to Irish.

    Most of Duolingo lessons are based on translations from your target language to English.

    Much harder the other way ...


    I have a binder for each language. I write down the vocabulary and their meanings and below that, I write down all the sentences with their translation. I can go back and restudy especially difficult word conjugations to make them easier to remember how to conjugate the verbs. Since you have to do an entire lesson again to find the one you may have trouble with.

    It helps with memory.


    sounds like a good New Year's resolution! Too late...


    Never to late! Write on ;) I've joined Duo in October, I didn't start thinking about making notes before a few weeks, and I got them properly organised some months later… They were anyway of great help.

    Happy New Year!


    No, I might write down notes as I go along just for that session. Like when the male speaker speaks so fast and with long sentences and I cannot keep up. Being hard of hearing makes it a little bit harder. So I would not let his rudeness slow me down.


    I write down the Tips & Notes for French because Duolingo is currently the only resource I use for this language. (Just making myself familiar with the language right now.) For the other languages I am studying own books to use instead or I use certain websites for grammar.


    Yes, if I can't get a hang of the sentences in review.

    Also started practicing writing in order to understand it better in Hebrew.


    I took a lot of notes when I did Japanese lessons on youtube but since it's easy to repeat things here at Duo I haven't taken any notes. I know I should as that helps with the learning process but I'm basically just familiarizing myself with the language for fun. I want to be fluent but I'm happy with whatever that sticks ;)


    Yes because I use Duolingo along with Seton Home Study School and they're testing me for real on this stuff. :)


    Funnily enough I asked this question a week or so ago.

    But yeah, I do. One of my tactics for language learning is quite uncommon - I keep a notebook of vocab and open it up on my desk, Sometimes I'll look at it when I'm on my computer and then I'll be reminded by the vocab. It's unusual but works so why the hell not? xD


    Not necessarily what I learn on DL, but I do, from time to time, practice a bit by writing down stuff. Mostly paradigms, for example verbs or German cases.

    I also kept a journal of my stay in Italy, although I typed it out in Word instead of writing on paper. Typing has the advantage of correcting without making a mess of it all, but I do think that writing down is more effective, as you're combining brain memory with muscle memory. Well, typing has that advantage too, but hitting keys in a particular order is not as effective as guiding your pen to form the individual letters.

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