"How is the surrounding area of your place?"


January 7, 2018



Is anything wrong with 你家的附近怎么样?

January 7, 2018


It is helpful to understand the sentence part by part (FuCnSW's reply also makes a lot of sense):

你家 - your place (house/home)
附近 - nearby, area surrounding your place
的环境 - the environment of (the area surrounding your place)
怎么样 - how is it?

Putting it all together: "How is the environment of the area surrounding your place?" Or, more naturally, "How is your neighbourhood like?" and "What is the area around your place like?"

In light of that, 环境 is the key and cannot be excluded; the English sentence is also, unfortunately not uncommonly, poorly translated. Secondly, your answer would translate to "the areas surrounding your place" or a (more elegant) equivalent.

September 28, 2018


I think that's fine.

January 13, 2018


You are missing 环境, the characters meaning "surrounding". If you exclude that for your sentence, then you are asking about "someone's place", not "the surrounding".

Do be careful of how sentences are written and spoken as every character can make a difference.

I also know that 怎麼樣/怎么样 can be substituted with 如何, though 如何 is more formal than 怎麼樣. What they have in common is that they both mean "how".

January 7, 2018


@NasuSamaruk0, you appear to have not fully understood the sentence as it is written in English - difficult even for native speakers as it is grammatically incorrect. There is also no such thing as "the surrounding". Surroundings (with an 's') is a different word ( a noun) and would be correctly translated to chinese as 环境. The expression used above - "surrounding area" better translates to Chinese as 周围。

I would suggest an alternative wording: "What is the environment like near your house" which would match the chinese translation we have been given a little better. We'd at least have some idea of the precise intended meaning and have a reasonable chance of being able to translate it.

July 19, 2018


Doesn't 附近 already mean the nearby area?

June 3, 2018


How about ommiting 附近? 你家的環境怎麽樣

April 2, 2018


Different question. This sentence is asking neiborhood, including public security and convenience, etc. 附近 can be replaced by 那裡、那邊、周邊、周遭. So, this question my answer may be 我家附近很方便,有超市、餐廳,而且離市區不遠。

If you omit 附近, the question is asking the square footage, how many rooms, parking spaces more interior thing in the house. You ask so, I will reply 我家滿寬敞且採光好的。

June 21, 2018


The English version, 'How is the surrounding area of your place,' is completely unnatural, not to mention barely comprehensible. Some more natural alternatives might be: What is (the area around) your neighborhood like? What is the area around your home like?

I know I left some words from the Chinese out, but to me, they sound like overkill in English. It goes without saying that one's neighborhood is around one's house. And 'neighborhood environment' sounds like an academic report rather than a conversational sentence. Finally, 'how' is certainly not the only way to translate 怎么样.

August 10, 2018


I think this exercise should also allow "你的家……"

May 29, 2018
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