How can I tell when "aimer" means "to like" or "to love"? Every now and then Duolingo marks me wrong when I input one translation in favour of the other, so I'm not sure if it's the app that's picky or if I'm actually translating it wrong.

January 7, 2018


If I recall correctly, aimer generally means love when you are talking about people and like for everything else. To love food etc, you would use the verb adorer. Of course, French is tricky so if you add a modifier to aimer, like "J'aime bien", when referring to someone instead of meaning you love that person even more, the opposite occurs - adding the bien reduces love to like or perhaps really like.

Duolingo is very strict about "aimer." You may love apples, but if you translate Aimer for loving apples, Duo will always mark you wrong.

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