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I'm Chinese, WBY? (What About You?)

I'm Chinese and been in America for 6 and a half years. For the time being here, I forgot how to say Chinese but still can understand it. Any of you guys out their that is Chinese but are now relearning it?

P.S hope you all have a great New Year! :D

January 7, 2018



I'm Shanghainese, so I'm Chinese. But I'm little bit confused that you've been living in USA for only 6 and a half years why you already forgot how to say Chinese? 6 and a half years is not THAT long that makes you forget Chinese... Unless you didn't use Chinese even BEFORE you moved to USA?


well i'm one quarter chinese but i have zero knowledge about the language. part of the reason why i'm learning it now is to reconnect with my heritage.

how long will you be in the US? are you settling there for good?


I'm not, but your situation is interesting. Are you a college graduate or still a student? Because as a working adult, even after living in a foreign country for 5 years, forgetting English seems impossible. So I am very intrigued.


I am completely Chinese. I am not relearning it so don't be confused and the only reason I have Chinese as a course is because I just want to have it there.


And I have been in America for 4 years now.


I'm an American who likes learning languages.


im full chinese just born in america



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