A Suggestion for Duolingo

I am taking French on Duolingo. However, I am also taking French in school. Because I have so much work in school sometimes I do not have time to go on the app. The skill levels for everything go down and I have to strengthen them every time I go on. Some days, I do not strengthen them because I have work to do and then that just piles up. It is annoying to me because I am redoing simple skills like Basics 1 when in school we are writing essays at this point. I understand there is a need for simple practice everyday so I have a suggestion. Can they make something which places us to our proper skill level. Pretty much redoing the placement test to gain our progress back I guess . . .

January 7, 2018


You don't have to make everything gold. If you already know the material and feel you don't need to review it, then don't! Do new skills or strengthen skills that do need reviewing individually.

Edit: unrelated, but I love your username and profile picture!

January 7, 2018

If your progress in Duolingo is so far behind, what you could do is go to Settings, click Learning Language, click Reset or Remove Languages, and reset your progress for your French course. From there click the Home tab and you will be able to retake the placement test and gain your progress back.

January 8, 2018
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