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Idea for "Notes" tab on Duolingo

I think Duolingo should have a "Notes" tab. The idea is: for every lesson, you can take notes throughout on important things noticed and connections made throughout the lesson. Vote this up if you like the idea!

January 7, 2018



Interesting, but the thing is, if you have a notepad and a writing implement, then you wouldn't need this feature...


Why not just use Google Docs? It's totally free. Just create a new Google Docs document -- you can access it anywhere and you can immediately use all of the advanced word processing features. Why should Duolingo create a whole new word processing system when many others already exist?


I just use OneNote and use the copy/paste feature on the tips and notes when it comes to note-taking in Romanian. It certainly is an efficient way to take notes, so I'm not sure if Duolingo needs a Notes tab. But, I don't dislike this idea.

As for Korean and Japanese, I manually write notes down in journals. Again, I could use OneNote, which helps keep my notes organized and it gives me the ability to swap pages to keep my notes orderly to my own preferences.


The Idea is, the notes are already connected to the lesson so you don't have to search for them. However, I think the notes feature would be even better if you can see the exact sentence or word you were studying while taking curtain notes. Meaning, when the review lesson tab is clicked, you can see exactly what you put for each phrase by clicking on it.

In the mean time, I'll use google docs and/or a notebook.


Good point.

Another helpful thing to know is that you can search all Duolingo sentences from the discussion page (at least the sentences that people have posted a comment on). So, if you include the relevant sentence in your Google Notes, then finding the sentence again on Duolingo is usually easy. I just discovered this feature.

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