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Beta for Chrome extension for showing meanings of characters in Chinese course is now ready to try!

January 8, 2018



I have a favour to ask. Can you make it that the traditional and simplified characters can be change continuously without the need to refresh? I mean, when I turn on traditional, the characters immediately turn into traditional characters and vice versa. It's difficult especially in lesson where page can't be loaded.

it's very useful if you can do it because there are some people like me who want to learn both traditional and simplified characters. Thanks for your effort by the way.


You could do the lesson with Traditional, then redo it without the extension, or vice versa.


and you can switch to traditional, go to the next question and it will be in traditional :)


Hi Hakim,

We can certainly do it. Could you make a GitHub account (it is free)

then go here


and click new issue and write what you want the feature to be. That way it will be included a lot more quickly :).


Oh man! I love you for that :) hahaha! Nice job. Keep up the good work!


Thank you for making this extension. Two wishes:

Could you make an option of turning off the slow reading? It's a really bad robot reading and just clutters the interface. (PS: Scratch that. After using slow reading it for some time, I find it useful in some cases. It might have even improved. So it's better not to clutter the addon's settings with another switch.)

Also, what does option "indicate enabled skills" do? Is it about upcoming skills feature?

Thank you again. : ) Good job!


This is really grate, thank you. But I have a question. How do I see the list of learned words and the list of words I make when doing a lesson?


This feature never worked for me :(


Good job, thank you very much.


什麼 is showing up as 甚麼

I think this conversion should be removed: 什 -> 甚


I'm open to the discussion, both are right answers, what is your reasoning behind it?

I'll tell you my thoughts

I appreciate that 什麼 is what people use even in Taiwan. but the true traditional is 甚麼.

It is like 麵 vs 麪, the right is the true traditional, but the left is what is used in Taiwan (and 面 in China).

This is why I'm thinking of having three options. Traditional, Taiwan, simplified.


I second the motion to either change it to 什 or add a Taiwan mode. I personally am learning Taiwanese Mandarin so I just want to learn what is most commonly used.

Thank you for your work!


taiwan uses 麵 but we never saw 麪


I noticed that the app puts the red Chinese pattern in the header background and other places, but it doesn't go well with the report feedback when you get the answer wrong. This should be optional. (I can paste the screenshot here, so just try to click report next time you get the answer wrong)


it didnt work for me, is it because im using old mac?


Ça ne fonctionne pas pour moi non plus sur PC.


Giggle Translate says: 它在PC上对我不起作用。Caveat utilitor.


First of all, thank you for your great effort. Now I need some help. I installed the Chrome plugin, turned on the 3 knobs (Traditional, Show meanings, Indicate enabled skills), restarted Chrome browser. However, I'm still seeing simplified characters instead of the traditional ones. What else do I need to do, in order to see traditional characters in Duolingo Chinese lessons? I'm using Chrome v78.0.3904.108. Thanks! BTW, what does it take to add Cantonese lessons to Duolingo, and is anyone working on it?


When I hover over characters or even the english to show meaning duolingo takes me to a blank screen/page and the only way for me to go back is to refresh and start the lesson over every time. Not sure what the error is but I only get this when I hover over words, otherwise I can finish lessons just fine with traditional.


I just tested toggling the Show Meanings option off and reloading and it does the same thing each time...


Same problem, if you find a fix tell me! It happens about 25% of the time I hover over a word for the meaning.


Nice job! Keep up the good work!


You're welcome. I'm glad people are using it.


I appreciate this effort very much as i would like to learn traditional rather than simplified :) 謝謝! 現在我學習繁體字! 非常好!:)


多謝! It's comments like that that keep me on my insane mission to create this thing.


This is so wonderful! :D :D


It makes My duolingo lag alot


I worked on the efficiency a lot today. Can you tell me if it's any better?


Mine as well, just a little, I downloaded today


Lagging for me, just installed it today.


Also lagging a lot for me. Just installed it. Almost crashed my Duolingo Chrome tab once, but I let it wait for about 3 minutes until I could interact with Duolingo again.

Side-note: Thank for making this!!! I've been looking for a traditional solution for a while now and this solves my problem. You're awesome.


Great addon, except it devastates my memory and processing power when the lessons get more complex.


Unfortunately it does not work from when the languages used are not English (Exemple Japanese-Chinese or Korean Chinese). :-(


For some very weird reason, this plugin almost always slows to a crawl whenever the word 北京 shows up. A very weird bug I know, but I just thought I should let the developers know.


Yesterday I installed the extension, but I could only see the meaning of the words; unfortunately not the slow version of the pronunciation, nor the other options. Today I reinstalled the extension and no function is working anymore. Do you have any idea why this is and what I can do about it?


I have a couple of bugs to report. The extension seems to always miss the 只 (zhī) -> 隻 conversion when used as a measure word. It also seems to convert 面 into 麵 in 上面、下面、前面、後面 and the like even though 麵 is only used for wheat and 面 is the correct traditional character in location words.


Also 头发 is turned into 頭發 instead of 頭髮


I applaud the effort, this extension is remarkable. But alas, I am encountering far too many instances of simplified characters to count, especially at the higher stages. E.g. 沒有,醫生,兩個,他們,老師

Hope that you are still working on this, cheers!


Am I the only one who issued page constantly refreshen up? It's a very good concept as I'm used to traditional characters for years but it's impossible to finish a test without being automatically redirected to the home page :(


For the most part it works great! But I am still getting simplified characters mixed with traditional in a lot of parts, such as chicken and many others.


This is a wonderful app, but it no longer seems to be working as of July 2020. :(


There is a problem with the character 單(单), in restaurant it still shows the simplified character.


same with 員/员,務/务


same with 地鐵 / 地铁


輕鬆/輕松 is another, need to be careful with this because 松 is also valid traditional character.


Thank you for the reports!

They have all been implemented now.

I've uploaded the fixes, it takes Google around 30 minutes for it go live,

Version 0.98 contains your fixes. Thank you! Once downloaded go and refresh the extension and it will load in all the new meanings.


Hey thanks for the report. We moved our look-up server domain today so some translations amay not work over this period but thanks. I really appreciate it.


Thanks for the report!

Server is back up and running. We had to install a CDN because sometimes the server is getting hammered and we can only afford a cheap one.

please always report in future, this was just a one off :)


just installed :-)


Small update today. I reorganised all of the translations and deleted some useless ones and worked on making it faster.


This extension is awesome, thank you. Would it be possible to have a toggle that allows you to see the simplified characters on a whim? (or allow hoverover) It is helpful for noobs like me to see the difference between traditional and simplified for the same character. Thanks!


you can in some places, for example the Happy New Year popup!


Help! I believe my standard Duolingo only shows me traditional characters if I'm not mistaking. I would love to learn simplified Mandarin... The extension also does not change anything when I switch 'traditional' on. Does anybody know how to fix it? Thanks.


This extension is amazing, thanks so much! I also learned something new. I've never seen 甚 just 什, I thought it was a mistake, until I check out this discussion. I think I've been just doing Duolingo for French and avoiding the Chinese because I really wanted traditional characters. Now it time to spend some time on my Chinese tree.


This is so amazing, thank you! I find that it lags quite a lot sometimes on my computer - is there anything I can do to help it run more efficiently?


Not sure if this bug is from the lesson or your extension.

Under Chinese -> Name.

The lesson keeps on pronouncing 什 as shi, instead of shen.

Your extension is changing 什 to 甚. Not sure why that is changed.Since 什 is 繁體中文.

Thanks for making the extension.


there's a problem with 高興 and 認識. they show up in simplified sometimes, especially in the blocks of two characters (that make a word). they're also changing from traditional to simplified when you're using them. I'm pretty sure the problem is the same with other characters. great extension nonetheless !


oh and just so you know, the lag is sometimes huge and it even makes Google crash (on a healthy computer).


What sound does this make?

机 Machine noun Can combine with 手(hand) to make 機机 (mobile phone: literally hand machine)

I suspect "機机" in the tip should be "手机".


The lag can be minimized whenever occurs if one just switches the Traditional toggle off, wait, and then turn it back on. This sure beats waiting!


Every once in a while, Duolingo becomes extremely laggy and I have to refresh the page to fix it. Please fix this bug! Otherwise, a really awesome extension. Thanks!

[deactivated user]


    Game! Changer!

    Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into developing this!! It has had and will continue to have a huge impact on people's learning, and in turn, on our lives! There aren't enough lingots in the world to say thank you!


    I've switched to Chrome, installed the extension, switched Duolingual to Chinese, clicked the icon to configure, and saved the settings.

    First, the Chinese flag next to my name somehow changed to what looks like the Zambezian one. Not to worry. Refreshing with F5 fixed that.

    Oops! The flag changed back.

    Now what?


    Hi, I remember using this a while ago and remember it working, but it does't seem to be working anymore. I still see simplified characters. Anyone have any clue as to why this is happening? I did see another person say it wasn't working for them as of July 2020.


    I've had this issue too, but find that if I do a hard reset of a lesson it will turn on the extension again.

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