I was thinking maybe it would be nice if you could communicate directly to users on Duo. Like if someone entered a contest but they probably forgot about it, you could message them.

January 8, 2018


it used to be like that but for some reason duolingo removed the feature. it's kinda ironic since this is a language app yet our communication has been stifled.

It would fun to practice with a chat function.

There used to be one, but the staff and moderators removed the feature, because it made the website really laggy, and took up too much space. The had to download and compete with mods as well. It has been gone for at least a year. It's sad to think that Duolingo is a language website/app, but our voices have crippled.

If you really need to contact someone, I think using @(username) on a forum post like this will alert them, but I'm not sure. I would like to talk to a lot of people too. This Discussion platform and clubs are the only two ways to communicate with people on this site. Like Wadafik said, it's pretty ironic. I'm sure they are working on a way to communicate with people in a way that's SFW and useful.

I really doubt it. There were so many issues last time around, and it took a lot of staff time to manage. I do not think it will be back, just more investment in clubs.

There was one, a while back, and I'm disappointed the took it off. It was fun to chat with my friends while having friendly competition about our progress. Only older users like me, and @Wadafik, @PJMCD, @Dcarl1, and @Linda7Italian . I hope something new, and better will come on it's place!

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