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What's the difference between "veux" et "voudrais"?

as title, for example

Je veux un café. Je voudrais un café.

I know the second one is asking for a service in a restaurant, are they in the same meaning but the second is more polite?

May I use the first sentence? In which condition?

Many thanks!!

January 8, 2018



"Veux" means "want". Therefore, "Je veux un café" means "I want a coffee". But "voudrais" means "would like" so "Je voudrais un café" means "I would like a coffee". The second one is more polite in a way. The first one sounds like you have a bit of a grudge so I recommend to not use that among our elders or around our friends or important people.


It would be fine around friends since it is very informal


Je veux un café....I want a coffee.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Je voudrais un café..I would like a coffee.


Ha, we said the same thing at the exact same time! :)


Never say "Je veux un café" in a café or restaurant unless you are prepared to be ignored. It is very rude and has an air of demand about it rather that request.


I think adding a little bien and svp. changes everything:

je veux bien un café si'll vous plaît.

would be completely fine I guess.


veut - present form, voudrais, present conditional form. Present conditional is used in both English and French to make a request "politely". Both are accepted, especially if you add please, s'il vout plaît at the end.


Thank you! I never heard that before. Sometimes i was very inpolite. But most i ask "un café s'il vous plaît"


That's perfectly fine and polite.


I want a cofee=Je veux un café and I would like a cofee=je voudrais un café


my mom to be (to) polite say's :Puis j'avoir...... She is English in a french contry

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